For Individuals

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You are not like everyone else. Each of us has a unique face, a unique voice, unique fingerprints and a unique mix of skill sets and spiritual gifting. Each of us also has a unique call to engage in the mission of Jesus Christ with all of who we are and are called to become. KingdomLink is here to help you do that. KingdomLink offers individuals one-on-one mission coaching. We offer The Unfinished Story. We offer two years worth of mission-minded devotionals taken from the Gospel of Matthew. We offer video teaching that sees the Scriptures through missional eyes. And we offer the Transform! Prayer Course. A worldview-changing course that does for your prayer life what the Kairos course from Simply Mobilizing does for your missional life!


We are not all professional athletes, so not all of us have a coach working with us every day. But from time to time all of us can benefit from having a coach for a season. A mission coach is someone who helps you think through the challenges, decisions and opportunities that engaging in the mission of Jesus Christ entails. They are a kind of accountability partner who helps us gain courage to witness for Christ and to cross cultural lines in that witness. They help us work through the disappointments. They help us go to new heights of service for our Lord.

Ideally, the mission committee of your local church acts as your mission coach. But that isn’t always possible. They might not be prepared to do that – many are not. They might not know how to do that – most do not. They might have other obligations and not be available to you. That’s where KingdomLink can help. Contact us today.


The Unfinished Story is a Simply Mobilizing course. It is “designed to inspire, educate and challenge God’s people in our time to engage with God in his mission. The Unfinished story will help form a Biblical worldview that sees our participation with God in mission as both an exciting adventure and, even more importantly, what it means to be a true follower of Jesus!” KingdomLink will be offering the Unfinished Story in the fall of 2020.


Every believer in Jesus Christ grows in their discipleship as they spend time in their devotionals. A devotional time is a daily focus on God’s Word and prayer. It is a kind of mini-Sabbath, where we purposefully make God and His Kingdom the centre of our thoughts and the centre of our intentions for the day. KingdomLink has two years of daily devotional content. You can access those here.


Sometimes we want a more direct teaching experience for a devotional time or to use as a spark for our small group discussion time. KingdomLink typically publishes a new video teaching once a week – and all of them are looking at Scripture through the lens of missional awareness. You can access those here.


Our engagement in God’s mission is only as deep and as long as our engagement in prayer. This course does for your prayer life what the Kairos Course does for your missional life. It will radically transform you through the installation of a new worldview of prayer. Be forewarned. Just like Kairos, this course will ruin you for the ordinary! Your prayer life will be forever changed! Click here for more information and to register.


KingdomLink runs prayerwalking seminars for groups and prayerwalking weekends for churches. Below you will find a couple of handy guides. Guide-1 is a great place to start if you’ve never done prayerwalking. Guide-2 is a slightly more advanced guide.