For Churches

Being in charge of a congregation is always a daunting endeavour. Whether you are a solo pastor or a member of a large team, there are weekly and regular responsibilities that take much of your time. Ministry leaders, elders and needy/suffering church members and adherents take the vast bulk of your attention. It isn’t easy to give time and attention to encouraging, equipping and motivating yourself or the congregation toward missional engagement – be that in the local community or the wider ‘all nations’ mandate of the church. That’s where KingdomLink can help!



ChurchLink is a formal church partnership for the express intention of reaching a lost people group. ChurchLink is designed to be a binding agreement before God between your congregation and the missionary. It is the binding together of your congregation with a missionary unit (which could be single person or a couple or a family) for a period of time – usually 4 or 5 years. It sets out goals and obligations, timelines and expectations before God. It makes both parties equal in the task, and members of each other’s organizations. It literally inks out how you will work together in God’s mission to reach all nations, making it clear to everyone the mechanics of how the two parties will work together – in prayer, in financial support, in Having a formal ChurchLink signing ceremony changes the relationship in many congregant’s eyes from a support model to an engagement model.

Advantages of a ChurchLink for your church and your missionary include:

• Invigorating a mindset toward reaching the lost

• Encouraging purposeful relationships

• Demonstrated movement in mission

• Fosters and encourages prayer

• Puts a face to your global mission calling

• Whole church involvement (staff/elders/committee/congregation)

• Thoughtful and measured process

• Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reachable and Tangible (SMART) goals

• Accountable results that grow and deepen faith

Want to know more? Schedule an appointment to talk about ChurchLink with Marcus.


INTERFACE is a core program of Simply Mobilizing. It focuses on the development of Missional Churches by seeking to answer the question, “What does a ‘mobilized church’ or a ‘church on mission with God’, look like”? INTERFACE can fit into any existing denominational or local church structure. It will simply enhance an existing model for greater emphasis on outreach and the participation of all God’s people on mission with God. Want to know more? Click here. KingdomLink will offer INTERFACE in the late fall of 2020.


Marcus Verbrugge is an ordained minister with almost 12 years of preaching experience with a deep passion for reaching the lost. You can book Marcus for a single message, a seminar or a weekend. Just drop us a line here.


Committees, small groups and teams usually have more specific needs. KingdomLink helps groups of people from your congregation, and can be a big help in starting new missional initiatives. Prayerwalking, Witness in the Workplace, Learning to Pray and other seminars and/or online training are a help to the whole congregation, even if only some can attend the initial meetings. Click here for more information.