About KingdomLink

Think of KingdomLink as your Personal Mission Coach. Perhaps as an individual you want to be mentored as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Perhaps as a small group you want to take a journey in prayer, outreach or missional engagement. KingdomLink is a site that can help link you to the wider Mission of God with objectivity, experience and passion.

About our founder

Currently the Lead Pastor of Kingston Alliance Church (www.kingstonalliance.org) Rev. Marcus Verbrugge and his wife Debbie have raised 6 kids, now all adults in Southern Ontario. Marcus previously served as an Interim Pastor, an Executive Pastor, and did church engagement for the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Marcus has served as a parachurch board member, led numbers of short-term mission/vision trips, founded a prayerwalking ministry, KingdomLink Inc, and the Transform! Prayer Course. Marcus is also the author of the devotional study: Beginnings – Growing in Prayer through Genesis, and co-author of Hungry, Thristy and Yearning for God – Learning to Seek God in Prayer. He is a Kairos head facilitator and an experienced leader in the Alpha program. Prior to full-time work in church ministry, Marcus helped a number of successful startups in the manufacturing sector.

Reading Matthew with Missional Eyes


As a local church pastor, I am tasked with developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ, and as a Christian for almost 40 years, I have been taught that the best way to do that is primarily through Bible-study programs; The thinking being that if people know more, they will act accordingly. Yet the pandemic, and …