For Groups

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Committees, small groups and teams have a different focus, and they each need to be engaged, encouraged, trained and supported in the mission of God too! KingdomLink can help your group do that.

KingdomLink helps groups through both coaching and various programs. We can help you organize and run a Kairos Course. We can coach you through Empowered to Influence. KingdomLink has done extensive Short Term Mission training. We teach evangelism and mission through Prayerwalking, and we do mission committee development and coaching.


The Kairos Course is a Simply Mobilizing program. It is “designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to meaningful participation in God’s heart for all the nations. It is a tool God is using to help transform the worldview of believers, so they see themselves as having been blessed in order to be a blessing to all people groups.” With 7 years of experience running and facilitating Kairos courses, KingdomLink can help transform your worldview through Kairos. Want to know more? Contact us or click here to learn more about Kairos.


Empowered to Influence is another Simply Mobilizing program. It is “a four-session facilitated course, that can be conducted in four evenings. Each session runs for about two hours and can be integrated into a regular weekly Bible study or small group meeting in a local church.” Empowered to Influence is particularly helpful for church ministry leaders, business leaders and small groups that want to have a more missional focus. KingdomLink brings Empowered to Influence to your church through a powerful seminar entitled “Witness in the Workplace”. Contact us for more information.

STM (Short Term Mission) TRAINING

KingdomLink has trained and lead short term teams on trips to Mexico, Northern Ontario, Quebec, Japan and Africa. Specializing in vision and prayer ministry trips with a heavy emphasis on pre-trip prayer training, KingdomLink can help your team. Contact us here.


Mission committees have a high calling. They are the team that keeps the outward call of God’s Mission in focus. Unfortunately and far too often, they are a neglected group of long-suffering saints that the rest of the church perceives as largely irrelevant to the day-to-day life of the church whole. Mission committees need encouragement. They need coaching and they need training. KingdomLink can help! Contact us here.