Published in 2016 by Word Alive Press, Winnipeg, MB

People ask me, “How did it come to pass that you wrote a book about prayer in the book of Genesis?”  I didn’t really set out to do that.  I was studying the book of Genesis for my small group at the time, and at the same time preparing for a prayer ministry trip.  Wanting to make the most of the time I had, I chose to study prayer in Genesis in my morning devotions.  As I did that the Lord showed me wonderful things, which I wrote in my journal.  

About halfway through my study of Genesis, the Lord reminded me that I am blessed to be a blessing.  I well knew that from the many times I’ve facilitated a Kairos course from Simply Mobilizing. I remember saying in my head, “I know, Lord – I’ve often heard Don Richardson speak of that in chapter 2 of Kairos.”  He said to me, “Also in this,” and I realized that what He was showing me in my study of Genesis must be shared too, that it might bless others.  

So I completed the process, compiled it into a book format and sent it to a single publisher, who immediately agreed to publish it.  At its root then, Beginnings – Growing in Prayer through Genesis, has it’s own beginning – in Kairos chapter 2, and in prayer.

You can find Beginnings on Amazon, or you can contact me and I’ll sell you a signed copy!

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